Ceepos mobile payment in Kylän Kattaus units

With the Ceepos Mobiilimaksu application, you can pay for purchases in schools and daycare centers in the city of Jyväskylä that sell lunch, snacks or other products. The free Ceepos Mobile Payment application can be downloaded for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from the Apple Store. The application requires registration with an email address. During the registration phase, you create your own password and a four-digit PIN code, which you should save for future money loadings. The service provider’s ID after registration is Jyväskylä.

After registration, you can load money balance to the mobile application via the Jyväskylä city’s online store. Select Meal and snack payments, money top-up, select the desired amount. Enter the card number from the Ceepos Mobiilimaksu application (Sign in button, Jyväskylä logo button, Show identifier, e.g. C1234567891234567891). Add the PIN code you have saved in the Ceepos Mobiilimaksu application. Fill in the required information and proceed to pay. The online store works like a traditional online payment, i.e. the purchase is paid with online bank credentials when ordering. The purchased balance is immediately available.

After this, the selected product can be purchased with the money balance from the Ceepos Mobiilimaksu application. After the purchase, a receipt opens on the smartphone screen, which is shown to the kitchen staff at the checkout.

If you don’t remember the card number: log in to the Ceepos Mobiilimaksu application, click on the JYVÄSKYLÄ logo and Show ID.

If you don’t remember the PIN code: log in to the Ceepos Mobiilimaksu application, click on the information tab, User information. Change the PIN code by typing the code above the four dots and Update.

If you do not remember the password: you can change the password using the “Password lost” function of the Ceepos Mobile application, through which you can create a new password. Open the Ceepos Mobile Payment application and select Lost password. You will receive the message Ceepos Mobiilimaksu – Password change by e-mail.

Learn more about the instructions here.